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Join me on my journey to financial independence a successful life. Follow me down the paths (some may be wrong turns) that will lead me to a successful personal and professional life. Click the About This Blog link for more information about the purpose of this blog.

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My Journey Down the Road to Success

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Have you ever heard about the people who went from near-bankruptcy to making millions online? Do you wonder how many of those stories are true? I am sure that there are many people who make a very prosperous living online, but many of them make it sound so easy. I am not knocking anyone who advertises their success, no matter how they started out. But, did you ever wish you could have known them before they became successful and see exactly what they went through? I have come in contact with some very knowledgeable people online, and I value the expertise that they are offering. Through those contacts, I have found many good programs that I am working to put into place.

This is your opportunity to watch a success in progress – follow me on My Journey Down The Road to Success. I am working a full-time job while trying to build an online business in my “free time”. I struggle like most of you to deal with rising expenses. I am going to take you through my entire process of building my online business. I don’t have a “proven method”. I don’t expect to show you a screenshot of my PayPal account in 6 months with thousands of dollars in payments. I expect that it will be a long road, but I want you to see where I am coming from and where I am going, at the same time that I am on the journey. I know that I will be successful online because it is my passion. I honestly love the full-time job that I have, but I have the same dream as everyone else – to be able to spend more time with my family, and not have to worry about paying bills every month.

I was taught to be frugal, and I have always been a bargain-hunter. That will never change, but I want to be able to treat a friend to dinner or buy a gift for my family without worrying about whether I can afford it or not. I want to have time to volunteer for causes that are important to me. If you would like to follow my on my journey, you can find updates through the blog link in the main menu. Feel free to register to post comments and ask questions along the way. I would love to hear about your journey also.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Maureen Gendron

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When I first started this blog, the subtitle was “My Journey Down the Road to Financial Independence”.  I created it with the intent of tracking my course towards a successful internet business.  Since then, I have struggled with choosing which path to follow on my journey – I have so many varied interests, I couldn’t decide which one to concentrate on.

As it turns out, I ended up at a detour that took me down a hidden path that I had not seen from the road.  I have had a love for animals my entire life. In the fall of 2010, an opportunity presented itself to purchase a dog bakery & boutique.  Buying or starting a business is a big commitment, and can be very scary, particularly when it means leaving a good job that I had for 11 years.  Finally, fate intervened and I purchased the business in July 2011.  I wanted to expand the business beyond just the dog bakery & boutique, and added a “Kitty Korner”, as well as pet-themed gift items.  So, the Pawstry Gourmutt dog bakery became Wags to Whiskers, a specialty shop for pets AND their people.

I am continuously educating myself on website creation, and have branched out to a web design business as well. This is a wonderful opportunity that allows me to work on my own schedule. That’s not to say that I don’t spend time on this pursuit, but, with the exception of meeting with clients, I can work any hour of the day. If you want to learn more about my web design or hosting, including examples of my work, visit MJG Creative Design

There is nothing wrong with following different paths throughout your life.  Just be sure not to overwhelm yourself by getting involved with too many projects at the same time. Stick with one or two at a time until you have completed your specific goal for that project.

You will read about the ups and downs of running Wags to Whiskers and MJG Creative Design, but you will also read about my other professional and personal goals.  I do still hope to have a successful business (or two) and become financially secure (I’m not looking to be “rich”), however, I have expanded my journey to include other pursuits that will make me successful in LIFE.

I look forward to having you along on this journey!