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    New Beginnings

    I started this site many years ago, but, sometimes I get myself involved in so many new projects that other projects get put on the back burner. Although this site is my “home base” for my other sites, I also intended for it to serve the purpose of a venue for discussing the general happenings in my life. Since I haven’t updated it in quite some time, I decided to just make a fresh start and recreate the site as a new beginning.

    Sometimes, we just need to clear the slate and start over. In life, it’s not as easy as deleting old files and creating a brand new website, but, the concept is similar. It might mean starting a new job when your current career is no longer fulfilling. Or, maybe you move to a new home when a relationship ends. Whatever the method, the end result is a renewed feeling and an excitement about what lies ahead.

    Making a change, particularly a major life change, is not easy. But, more often than not, after we make the change, and begin to feel comfortable in our new life, we ask ourselves why we didn’t take the leap sooner. We are creatures of habit. We get complacent in our lives and become comfortable in our daily routines.

    It’s not all bad to feel comfortable with daily routines. Most of us have to go to work every day, so if you are happy with your career, that is a good thing. And, of course, daily routines with your children or spouse is nice. But, I’m talking about the times when you get stuck in a rut, doing the same thing over and over that you dread every day. Those are the routines that we need to change.

    Starting something new can make us anxious, but, we are usually also excited at the same time. Not all changes need to be major changes. If you are bored with driving the same long commute every day, stuck in traffic, try finding an alternate route that might offer a change of scenery. Sometimes that may be enough to give us a fresh perspective.

    So, this website will be one new beginning for me – one that I am excited about. I’m sure there will be many more in the future, as there have been in the past. Only time will tell where those new beginnings will lead me.

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