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    Welcome to My Home Page!


    Thank you for visiting my home page. This site will be my “home base” for all my other sites. Be sure to bookmark this page so you will be kept up to date as new sites are created. On this site, you will also find important news and informative articles.

    The best way to tell you about my site is to tell you a little about myself. I am an amateur computer geek, so many of my articles will be computer-related, including tips and tricks for using various software. But I will also be writing posts about my life in general. I am a freelance web designer, and also have a specialty store for pets and their people. I am the youngest of seven children, and my family is all very close. My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs and 1 cat, who we think of as our furkids.

    I have always enjoyed writing, but finding time to write a full-length book is difficult. Writing shorter articles for my site will be the perfect solution. I also have blogs dedicated to specific topics. You will find those links in the side menu bar, under My Sites.

    I hope you enjoy my website.

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